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The Cool 2Be Kind campaign is an initiative of the Winnipeg Police Association and focuses on teaching youth in grades K-8 (Winnipeg schools) the value of being kind.

Entering our 12th year, this positive behavior, anti-bullying initiative outlines the benefits of being kind to others and making good choices in school and in life. Students and staff are invited to create and submit a unique kindness project for their school with the opportunity to receive funding in the amount of $500 to see their project come to life.

Since 2013, Cool 2Be Kind has funded 291 school kindness projects totalling $145,500. With the generous support of our sponsors, we are making a real difference by spreading kindness and helping to reduce the incidences of bullying in schools and online.

Register your Cool 2Be Kind school Kindness project to be eligible to receive a grant of $500. Cool 2Be Kind school Kindness projects should help teach K - 8 students the values and benefits of kindness to others. Your school Kindness project may be a one-time event or an ongoing program, however, must be completed during the school year. You may also incorporate the Cool 2Be Kind message and theme into existing anti-bullying projects which are also eligible for funding. All school Kindness project submissions will be considered.

The extended deadline for school kindness project submissions is December 31, 2023.

Limit one Kindness project per school. Winnipeg schools only.


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Cool 2Be Kind School Kindness Projects

  • Ecole Leila North School

    Ecole Leila North School

    Our school Kindness project supported the Dial-a-Life Transitional Housing program. Our students assembled and delivered gift baskets for Indigenous families that have been displaced from their home communities for health reasons.
  • Meadows West School

    Meadows West School

    Thank a Volunteer project. We invited volunteers from the community to Meadows West to thank them and made them a thank you gift bag. We learned all the reasons why people volunteer by talking to these people. The students made thank you cards for hospital staff, frontline workers and first responders as part of the covid-19 concerns thanks to the generosity of the Cool 2Be Kind program.
  • Ecolé South Pointe School

    Ecolé South Pointe School

    Our Dare to be Kind leadership group joined the teachers to be greeters throughout the building. Each week the Dare to be Kind members shared their acts of kindness in weekly classroom visits. A kindness bulletin board was created highlighting the acts of kindness of all students from K – 8 and featured inspirational quotes displaying kindness.
  • OV Jewitt Community School

    OV Jewitt Community School

    Spreading Holiday Spirit – students from grades 1-8 created and delivered Holiday Greeting Cards to neighbours within our school community – a total of 238 handmade cards. Some classrooms chose to wear Santa hats and sang Christmas carols along the way. Students also visited a personal care home and created their cards with the senior citizens.
  • Victory School

    Victory School

    Students formed a kindness club and the 0 donation from the Winnipeg Police Association was used to purchase co-operative games. Once classes were suspended due to the covid-19 pandemic, students continued with the Kindness Club games with what we called the Cool 2 Be Kind Home Edition which helped to maintain connections to their friends and classmates.
  • Meadows West School

    Meadows West School

    The grade five class of Meadows West school planned a number of Kindness projects including: organized a Christmas party for children from an inner city school with each child receiving a gift bag and lunch; hosted another group of inner-city students for a picnic to Assiniboine Park; delivered plant seeds to local seniors; and created an ‘exploring nature’ garden for pre-school children.
  • Dufferin School

    Dufferin School

    Created a ‘Kindness Club’ with 30 students signing up. Planned initiatives such as: join-up with teachers to be greeters throughout the school; singing a song of kindness at the winter concert; serving food at the local Indigenous Senior’s facility; singing and visiting at the Immigrant & Refugee Organization; designating a ‘Friendship Bench’ on the school grounds; and organizing a community kindness walk.
  • Ecole Stanley Knowles

    Ecole Stanley Knowles

    Grade 3 students at Ecole Stanley Knowles created an A to Z Cool 2Be Kind book. They visited classrooms to promote positive behavior, respect and inclusion and invited all students in the school to make Cool 2Be Kind bookmarks.
  • Machray School

    Machray School

    Our Kindness Club invited a local artist to assist students create a ‘Kindness Tree’ mural. The mural includes all of the animals from the 7 Sacred Teachings which consists of Love, Respect, Humility, Wisdom, Honesty, Courage and Truth – all part of being kind to others.
  • Ecole Tuxedo Park

    Ecole Tuxedo Park

    Created a ‘Kindness Club’ and made a significant donation to their local Rotary Club and a project led by Strini Reddy to support hockey sticks and pucks for the youth in Pauingassi First Nation. Also wrote thank you notes to the Winnipeg Police Association in appreciation of the Cool 2Be Kind program.
  • Buchanan Elementary School

    Buchanan Elementary School

    Buchanan School created a ‘Bricks of Kindness’ program using Lego bricks as a medium for students to show kindness through working together, creative thinking and problem solving during this recess Lego building activity.
  • Dufferin School

    Dufferin School

    Organized an eight week Kindness Challenge where students posted their acts of Kindness online using the hashtag #kindnessstartswithme The campaign culminated with a pancake breakfast event in March.
  • Ecole Belmont School

    Ecole Belmont School

    Created a school wide art activity based on the Aboriginal 7 Teachings. Each student painted a feather to symbolize friendship, kindness and respect.
  • Ecole Lansdown School

    Ecole Lansdown School

    Designed and purchased a ‘Kindness Bench’ for the school play area. When students sit on the kindness bench, they can meet new friends who sit beside them.
  • Ecole River Heights School

    Ecole River Heights School

    The Butterfly Effect Club is a human rights club started six years ago as a direct result of Cool 2Be Kind. Our students provided hot meals to West Broadway's homeless and economically disadvantaged in February of 2018. We also collected sporting goods and books for Garden Hill First Nation.
  • Forest Park School

    Forest Park School

    Spotting Kindness Project. Students were encouraged to be on the lookout throughout the school day for acts of kindness and when they spot someone being kind they will give them a polka dot sticker.
  • General Byng School

    General Byng School

    Created a Kindness Store. Each student contributed an item and students were invited to shop at the store supporting our schools Cool 2Be Kind and anti-bullying programs.
  • Lakewood School

    Lakewood School

    Cool to be Kind Reader’s Theater. The grade 4 & 5 students produced and presented different plays to the entire school showing different themes like kindness, respect, inclusion, diversity, honesty, being helpful, and being brave.
  • Linden Meadows School

    Linden Meadows School

    Created the ‘Kind Kids Club’ to promote small acts of kindness which can make a HUGE difference! This was the third year for the Kind Kids Club and included partnering with Melton Primary School in Kampala, Uganda, to exchange pictures, art, & music and visiting Lindenwood Manor to sing Christmas carols and spend time with the residents.
  • Principal Sparling School

    Principal Sparling School

    The Nursery/Kindergarten students focused on learning Sign Language and visited the Deaf Centre to sign a song in ASL. A weekly kindness draw awarded students educational or functional gifts for their acts of kindness.
  • Strathcona School

    Strathcona School

    To assist students in making better choices and creating an inclusive environment, the ‘Love, Peace, Kindness Club’ was created. This leadership program supports, recognizes, and encourages kindness, inclusion and engagement with others.
  • 2020-2021 Cool 2Be Kind participating Schools

    Beaverlodge School
    Chief Peguis School
    Dufferin School
    Ecole Garden Grove
    Ecole John Henderson Middle School
    Ecole R.H.G Bonnycastle School
    Ecole Sun Valley School
    Faraday School
    Glenwood School
    Gordon Bell
    Greenway School
    Harold Hatcher Elementary School
    Laura Secord School

    Maple Leaf School
    Meadows West School
    Niakwa Place School
    O.V. Jewitt School
    Pinkham School
    Prince Edward School
    Rockwood School
    Ryerson School
    Victor Mager School

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Thank you to all who submitted their Kindness projects.


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