Winnipeg Police Association

Protecting What Matters

Winnipeg Police Officers are parents, friends and neighbours, and we care about the same things as everyone else. Our focus is on keeping families safe – and building on the things that are working.

Neighbour to Neighbour logoReducing crime means having smart, well-trained Officers and Cadets who have the tools they need.

Short-sighted cuts to community policing will set us all back. There are no easy fixes, but together we’ll keep making progress. Our efforts can take this message to the citizens of Winnipeg.

As Mayor Bowman and his allies on City Council debate cuts to the police budget, remember this:

  • In the spring of 2016, Mayor Bowman contemplated a budget which nearly led to layoffs of police constables and the cancellation of the cadet service.
  • Mayor Bowman talks about the rate of inflation, but crime and the consumer price index are not related.
  • Last year, Winnipeggers made more than 200,000 calls for service to the Winnipeg police. That’s a 35% increase over 2007.
  • Cuts to the police budget will mean fewer officers and cadets and will lead to even higher wait times, and harm community policing efforts.

tweetMayor Bowman’s cuts have already affected the police services Winnipeggers count on:

  • Mayor Bowman’s last budget cut a recruit class, depriving the Winnipeg Police Service of growth in new recruits.
  • Winnipeg Police service wait times grew so long during the summer of 2016 that the WPS had to apologize to the citizens of Winnipeg.

How you can get involved?

  • You can share your concerns about crime and community priorities This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.