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Protecting What Matters

Winnipeg, MB: After eight years as Winnipeg Police Association (WPA) president and 33 years of service with the Winnipeg Police Service (WPS), Maurice ‘Moe’ Sabourin announced today he is retiring from the WPS and stepping down as WPA President on September 24, 2022.

Sabourin, who served two terms as WPA president, will be succeeded by Cory Wiles, who was confirmed as the new WPA president following a vote by the association’s membership earlier this week.

"Serving as WPA President has been one of the greatest honours of my life," said Sabourin. "Our members, both sworn and civilian, work hard every single day to protect the people of Winnipeg, and it is crucial to ensure their rights and interests are protected. In my time as WPA President, we have worked to address many challenges to our members rights, including Mayor Bowman’s attempt to unilaterally alter the pension benefits in our negotiated collective agreement. I am proud that we took the steps necessary to protect the rights of our members, to ensure successful collective agreements with competitive benefits, and to see that these agreements were not changed unilaterally by our employers."

"The WPA always strove to engage constructively with WPS management and the City of Winnipeg; the COVID-19 pandemic was a particular instance where the WPA worked closely with WPS management to navigate a wide array of issues. This collaborative spirit also extended to City Council, wherever possible. Remember, it was Mayor Bowman himself who referred to our last collective agreement as the "longest and most sustainable" one in more than 20 years. And just yesterday, we were successful in resolving our longstanding grievance regarding safe and secure parking access downtown, supported by an overwhelming 13-3 vote on the floor of City Council – a sign that the interests of the WPA and the vast majority of Winnipeg’s elected representatives align much more than they conflict."

"I am also proud of the contributions WPA members have made to the community and to charitable causes through my two terms as President. The WPA Charity Ball, in particular, has been a great tradition that I was proud to support, and I look forward to it resuming as the pandemic recedes."

"The WPA has always been ready and willing to negotiate to protect the interests of its members, and I am confident our next President will continue this legacy moving forward."


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