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Winnipeg, MB - June 14, 2022 – Winnipeg Police Association (WPA) President Maurice ‘Moe’ Sabourin today released the following statement on reports that Winnipeg Police Service (WPS) Chief, Danny Smyth, has been nominated for President of the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police:

"The WPA and its members are extremely troubled by recent reports that WPS Chief, Danny Smyth, is actively seeking to be appointed President of the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police.

In a city facing rising crime and with an independent report outlining a serious mental health and wellness crisis among WPS members, Chief Smyth has a duty and moral obligation to act in a manner that puts the interests, safety, and wellbeing of Winnipeggers first and foremost. For him to even consider accepting a position that would divert much of his attention away from these realities is simply unacceptable.

Over the last several years, Winnipeg’s crime problems have continued to escalate – all under Chief Smyth’s watch. Our city is on pace to set yet another record for homicides in a single year. Our neighborhoods are becoming increasingly dangerous, with an alarming number of innocent bystanders becoming the victims of violent and heinous criminal acts. And our members are scrambling from call to call, unable to keep up with the overwhelming volume of crime happening all around us, and are at serious risk of being burnt out.

It is the view of the WPA leadership that anyone who oversees a growing morale crisis, a toxic work environment and a dangerous spike in crime should not be rewarded with a special appointment that only serves his own personal career aspirations. We are therefore calling on Chief Smyth to immediately recuse himself from consideration for President of the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police."

Moe Sabourin
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